In Episode 39 of MING Labs’ podcast Lost In Transformation, we talk to Thomas Gottschalk, Head of Digital at BASF Performance Chemicals.

Listen to this episode to learn how BASF as a large established corporation started transforming their company, moving from bureaucratic processes to agile working, and find out how each business unit now successfully leads customer-centric digitalization for their plant.

3 Main Takeaways From This Episode

01 Cutting through the noise: Focus on solving real problems for users and deliver in an agile way. “It was very hard in the beginning to cut through the noise and to understand: How do we really make this an opportunity for our company?” remembers Thomas about the start of BASF’s transformation journey. In 2015, he was part of the…

Working from home and worried about the security of your information? Here’s how we built homebase completely remotely, a venture solution for remote workspace security.

A Safe Space For Your Work Data

Since the Covid-19 pandemic hit in 2020, working from home has become the new norm and — in many cases — is here to stay. While it has its ups and downs, remote work comes with various challenges: from distractions, a lack of a proper separate ‘work’ space, to the lack of privacy — there are plenty. Recent studies have shown that organizations worry most about the lack of physical security in a remote worker’s workspace. Other concerns include controlling risks that arise without physical security at home and protecting sensitive data, especially when accessed from an unmanaged endpoint.


In this special episode of MING Labs’ podcast Lost In Transformation, we compiled a few interesting statements from inspiring digital leaders on what they see as the very first step we should take on any transformation journey.

Tune in to find out what these digital leaders around the globe recommend as the first step to start your transformation journey with. Learn from approaches to process and mindsets directly linked to a successful transformation.

3 Main Takeaways From This Episode

01Be clear about your ‘Why’: Setting the foundational alignment. Understanding the purpose and reasoning behind the any transformative endeavor is critical before making any action plans…

Photo by Surface on Unsplash

When you work from home, it’s easy to feel disconnected from your team. We already highlighted in a previous article that the occasional small talk during meetings contributes to improved team morale, can ease back-to-back meetings, and makes us get to know our colleagues better on an informal level. But when you work remotely, this aspect of team bonding becomes more and more difficult, as we try to keep meetings short to avoid Zoom fatigue. Especially when we’re introducing new joiners to an existing team.

And that’s where the idea for the Global MINGling initiative first came up, a virtual…

In Episode 38 of MING Labs’ podcast Lost In Transformation, we talk to Antonio DeLorenzo, Head of ING Labs in Singapore.

Listen to this episode to learn the biggest do’s and don’ts in corporate venture building, how Kapsool started out as a venture in the ING Lab in a completely new field for the founders, and how it strives to digitalize existing port call processes, all while providing a practical maritime solution.

3 Main Takeaways From This Episode

01 From venture building to corporate venture building: Pitch the value of your business in all detail to an unfamiliar audience. While Antonio has built ventures in his entrepreneurial career before, steering into the maritime industry has been a completely new journey for him. With Kapsool being a…

Looking for a framework to uncover new opportunities for innovation? Check out this 4-step framework to explore, ideate and discover new possibilities.

by MING Labs

Ideation sessions form an important part of any process aiming at innovation and out-of-the-box thinking. But it’s easy to lose track of the bigger picture while trying to come up with new solutions and opportunities. Workshop participants need to have the freedom to think of disruptive, never-before-seen ideas that change the business or product for the better.

Now, how can we combine the two? We at MING Labs designed the Discovery Flow template to help you explore and prioritize ideas and uncover new opportunities for innovation — all while catering to the needs of your stakeholders and…

In Episode 37 of MING Labs’ podcast Lost In Transformation, we talk to Denis Oakley, the Head of Business Model Innovation at the management consulting firm Denis Oakley & Co.

Listen to this episode to learn how to make use of the great value of Business Model Innovation in transforming organizations, and to learn about Denis’ encouraging tips and step-by-step guide to successfully sparking change in your business by looking for what’s magical.

3 Main Takeaways From This Episode

01 Mastering Business Model Innovation in 5 steps. “We often get this aha-moment from a lot of clients because they’ve realized that half of their competitors have got exactly the same business model that they do, which then leaves them at a point where they don’t have a lot of differentiation.”
1. Understanding your territory is…

In this special episode of MING Labs’ podcast Lost In Transformation, we compiled a couple of statements from inspiring digital leaders on what they define as the most important thing to consider before taking on a transformation journey.

Listen to this episode for all the views on what’s especially important before we take on the journey of transformation. Should we first align on our objectives? Or explain the journey’s impact on the organization and the teams? Or choose a completely different approach? Get inspired by what these digital leaders had to say.

3 Main Takeaways From This Episode

01 Align first on clear outcomes and…

Want to know how a Frontend Architect spends his day? We checked in with Jade from MING Suzhou to get a fresh look at his tasks and hobbies.

Hi, I am Jade, a Frontend Architect at MING Labs in Suzhou. A typical working day for me at MING can be described as fast-paced, challenging and unpredictable. Given the nature of my role and my position within the company, there can be moments of high tension as well as relaxation in my work.

7:30 am: Wake Up And Morning Routine

Normally, I would wake up in the morning around 7:30 to send my wife off to her workplace. Afterwards, I like to chat with my daughter and wind down with a simple breakfast to start my day.

In Episode 36 of MING Labs’ podcast Lost In Transformation, we talk to Marie Cheong, VP Venture Build at ENGIE Factory Asia-Pacific.

Listen to this episode to learn about how ENGIE Factory helps companies achieve their carbon goals in addition to high commercial growth, and to find out how corporate innovation in the field of zero-carbon transition looks like.

4 Main Takeaways From This Episode

01Combine passion and work: Tackling the challenge of our generating with decarbonization in venture building. “Just like so many people in the last few years, I started to feel a real growing urgency around climate change. And I really started to think that addressing climate change and decarbonizing our economy is sort of the challenge of our generation,” shares Marie. Wanting to…


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